Have you ever had a word or phrase just appear out of nowhere and get stuck in your head? Recently, for me, that word is “dwell’ – to be more specific it is the phrase “don’t dwell on it…dwell in Him.” Please tell me I am not the only one who replays 20 year old conversations and wishes I had said “this or that” at just the right time to pack the biggest punch. I might just have a slight problem with dwelling on the past; especially the not so good parts. But what if instead of dwelling on those things we became intentional about dwelling in Him- our God, our Protector, our Savior? Could we see the word “dwell” as something positive- something we do well? I invite you to gather with me as we look at the word dwell and how it appears in God’s Word and I encourage you to take these brief moments that we share together and turn them into lingering life practices that allow you to dwell in the peace that can only come from God. Grab your bible, a notebook, a cup of coffee and pull up a chair- I cant wait to talk with you!