People and things I think you should check out

I recently signed up to be a review blogger for B&H Publishing.

The first book I selected is the Great and Small Bible. A keepsake bible for babies. I love it!!

I love this book! The keepsake box and size make it perfect as a gift for a baptism or dedication. The CSB translation is my current favorite. The small size is perfect for little hands and the pictures included are so cute. I look forward to sharing this book with my grandchildren and talking with them about how much God loves us all Great and Small.

If you have little ones in your life, this is a great option to share the Bible with them!

The second book I selected to review is Eschatological Discipleship.

I selected this book because as a seminary student I thought it would be a good fit in with the other books I am studying. While the information is interesting, I found the book hard to get into and hard to read. I can definitely see the value of this book as a seminary textbook but would not recommend it as something for the average reader. I often found myself distracted by the wordiness of the book and was unable to get past the first few chapters. Perhaps there was something better waiting for me but I did not have the energy to work hard at reading what was written.

The third book I selected was the CSB Worldview Study Bible

I know don’t be shocked that I selected a bible! We all know that I love bibles and this one is no exception. I was interested in this bible since I recently completed a paper on worldviews in my Apologetics course. I am a big fan of the CSB translation and appreciate the additional information included in this bible. The navy leather touch cover makes it a perfect gift for male or female. The print is a very readable type and the study notes are just what one would want for a study bible. I would recommend this bible for anyone looking for a new bible that is also interested in worldviews and apologetics!

The fourth book I have selected is the CSB Study Bible for Women

I love bibles! I have collected many new and old over the years. This bible is no exception! I am a new fan of the csb translation but I also appreciate all of the extras especially for women in this bible. The photos and added articles and devotions are beautiful companions to the Words of God!


I had selected this book to review for B&H publishers. I don’t recall reading anything from Elisabeth Elliot previously but I had heard her name a d knew the story of her first husband.
I highly recommend this book! It was an easy read and came at a perfect time in my life. It seems so many of us are struggling. The words of Elisabeth gives hope and encouragement with lots of Scriptual background.
This is a book I will keep on my shelf and read over and over again!